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  • A Passion For...

    We are living in environmentally conscious times. Caring for the environment involves making careful choices about how we choose to behave and what we choose to consume. This is why all over the world we are seeing an increasing passion for sustainable fashion as an ethical response to activities that impact the environment.

    At Tantrika, our philosophy is to provide beautiful, quality clothing that is made with fabrics and practices that have the least impact on our planet. This is why we are proud to stock clothing made from ethically produced and made of quality natural fibres such as hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, and even recycled rubber.

    Our brands Nomads Hemp Wear, Plazmalab, Izwoz, MahaShe, Cotton Diva and Batucada are all devoted to creating ethically produced fashion from eco-friendly natural fibres. By choosing to buy from brands that take responsibility for their production methods, we can all feel we are contributing to the sustainable fashion movement.

  • Hemp Happens

    It sure does! In fact, hemp has been happening for over ten-thousand years. Used to make the world’s first sheet of paper and the first fibre to be spun into fabric, hemp is literally woven into human history.

    Derived from a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant, hemp is the strongest known natural fibre in the world. Over the years, techniques have been developed to soften the historically rough fibre into beautifully soft fabric used in many emerging sustainable fashion brands. In fact, it so comfortable Nomads Hemp Wear use it as a key ingredient in their luxe range of under wear.

    Dubbed as nature’s “wonder fabric”, it is light-weight and breathable yet ultra-durable, making it ideal long lasting, quality clothing. What’s more, the plants are farmed pesticide free and leave the soil enriched with essential minerals unlike many crops that have a negative impact on the environment.

  • Bamboo Is For You

    Bamboo has become one of the biggest hits in sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. Fabric made from bamboo fibre is ultra-soft and breathable, making it one of the most luxurious and comfortable natural fabrics.

    Many sustainable fashion brands are incorporating bamboo fire into their clothing for these qualities. Nomads Hemp Wear blends it in all their garments, including their luxe range of under wear, as the fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating. Definitely something you want in intimates.

    Bamboo is actually the world’s largest grass. This is why grows so quickly and easily almost anywhere, and requires very little water to thrive. It also doesn’t require any nasty pesticides that destroy the natural goodness in soil and pollute the planet’s three most precious resources; land, water and air.

    With eco-friendly qualities and ultimate comfort, bamboo is for you, and everyone else too.

  • Panic For Organic Cotton

    There is a huge difference between cotton and organic cotton. Cotton is the world’s strongest natural fibre, which is why it is the most sought-after fabric for long-lasting, quality clothing Given its popularity and high use, we all need to panic for organic cotton.

    Many sustainable fashion brands are now mixing organic cotton with other natural fibres such as hemp and bamboo in order to minimise the impact on the environment yet still produce beautiful quality clothing.

    In an age where the word “organic” is everywhere, it is easy to forget how much this actually matters. Conventional cotton is farmed using heavy pesticides and enormous amounts of our precious water resources. In addition, powerful chemicals are used when converting it into fabric and it is most often not ethically produced.

    Organic cotton is one hundred percent pesticide free and no chemical are used in its conversion process. The organic cotton used in the clothing by brands stocked at Tantrika such as Nomads Hemp Wear, MahaShe, Cotton Diva, Izwoz and Plazmalab are devoted to fair trade sustainable fashion, using organic cotton that is sustainably and ethically produced. This ensures we are caring for our planet, and those who farm it.