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Beautiful items at clearance prices.
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New Arrivals

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New stock, just in!  
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Women's Dresses

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Stylish Cotton, Hemp and Bamboo Dresses A collection of Women's Dresses made from eco-friendly natural fibres such as hemp, bamboo & organic cotton...
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Women's Underwear

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Bras and Bottoms in Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Hemp. Beautiful Women's Underwear in sustainable, eco-friendly organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Women's Underwear by Nomads...
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Bottoms - Pants, Leggings, Skirts, Shorts

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Luscious Women's Leggings, Pants, Skirts and Shorts in sustainable, eco-friendly organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp by Nomads Hemp Wear, Maheshe & PlazmaLab. Bottoms for a sustainable...
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Women's Tops

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Women's Singlets | Women's Tank Tops | Womens' Tunics Women's Tops & Singlets made from eco-friendly natural fibres such as hemp, bamboo &...
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Beautiful items for your home including gorgeous Australian-made real crystal lamps set in natural wood. No two are the same.  
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A Unique Collection of Jewellery
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Sustainable Hemp, Cotton and Bamboo Clothing for Men. Tantrika has a great range of funky men's clothing including hemp, bamboo and organic cotton tee-shirts,...
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Batucada offer unique, delicate ethical accessories and jewellery. Each piece is made from 100% recycled rubber and other materials that are free of lead,...
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Plazmalab is a brand borne of a collective of creative geniuses based in Tel Aviv, Israel. PlazmaLab brings “mind-twisting” art works to the world through...
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Nomads Hemp Wear

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Nomads Hemp Wear have been pioneers of the sustainable fashion movement for over 19 years with their collection of organic, eco-friendly clothes for...
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Tantrika is committed to providing unique clothing made from natural fibres that are eco-friendly with an emphasis on style, quality and comfort
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Exclusive Design Clothing for Kids. Tantrika has beautiful collection of fun, funky children's clothing - all unique, exclusive and colourful designs.
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Women's Sandals & Shoes

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Batucada sandals draw subtle and harmonious patterns on your feet. Comfortable and durable thongs and sandals by Batucada sandals can be worn in seawater,...
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