Crystal Lamps Australia

Crystal Lamps Australia

The crystal lamps at Tantrika are amongst the best crystal lamps in Australia. They have been set into the naturally found wood and are manufactured in Australia itself. Every lamp piece has its own unique nature; no other lamp will have the same nature as the other. These crystal lamps by Tantrika help create an environment of warmth and serenity. They are a good decor for all housing areas like study, bedroom, lounge and office. The crystal lamps in Australia by Tantrika are supplied with a power of 240 vAU. The lamps are made to light up with the LED strips incorporated during the manufacturing.

Not everyone is a fan of bright lights, and sometimes dim lights are more soothing. This problem of choice of brightness is covered by our product, the dimmer switch. Made available at the minimum price of $5, you can get the brightness of your individual liking. A manual procession of signatures on the delivery of the lamps is made available by Tantrika.

Many different types of stones are utilised to make these unique crystal lamps. Crystal lamps in Australia include the stones like Emerald Calcite, Clear Quartz, Green Fluorite, Amethyst, Honey Calcite and many more. All these crystal lamps made of these unique stones have an individuality of their own.

The stone Emerald Calcite is known for its powerful association with nature. Emerald Calcite crystal lamps help greatly with gaining mental peace.

The Clear Quartz stone is known as the stone of power. It is considered a master healer. To cleanse the environment around you, buying a crystal lamp with clear quartz stone is the best choice.

Green Fluorite crystal lamps of octahedron shapes are the soul of love and nature's union. Amethyst stone crystal lamps in Australia have the sole purpose of enhancing the psychic abilities of an individual. With similar benefits and more benefits, other crystal lamps are available on Tantrika. Call us today.

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