Harriet Jane

Harriet Calvert was born & raised on a small farm in a quaint village south of Tasmania’s Hobart. When Harriet was young, her grandmother - a professional dressmaker, invoked Harriet’s love of fashion design by bringing Vogue creations to life for her on special occasions. The whimsical creations of her grandmother paired with her Mother’s classic, effortless style inspired Harriet to study the art of fashion design before leaving Tasmania to journey around Australia.

After operating the store for 10 years and craving new inspiration, Harriet decided to close the store in search of something new. Turning her creativity to photography, it was then that Harriet’s love for photography and fashion collided and the unique concept of ‘Harriet Jane’ the label sprung to life in 2012.

Inspired by the vibrant colours of nature, Harriet found what she was seeking and combined her love of nature photography and fashion by printing her own photographic images onto fashion silhouettes created with natural fibres. Completely innovative in its art and fashion concept, Harriet Jane has been winning over lovers of contemporary design ever since it first debut with customers becoming avid collectors of each collection.

Printed onto Linen and Hemp fabrics and lovinly sewn here in Australia her collection captures the hearts of so many as they are so beautifully put together and with the photographs and descriptions you almost feel like you have been there yourself. 

We love stocking garments made from inspiring and lovely souls that we are so happy to support on their creative journey and bring there deisgns to a larger audience .

Love Candice x