Bamboo Clothing Australia Online

Bamboo Clothing Australia Online

Tantrika bamboo clothing in Australia online is inspired by the growth and extravagance of bamboo. It is a global dominator in the field of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. The eco-friendly nature and ultimate comfort make bamboo a desirable choice for you. 

A true Ahimsa practice we believe is in the bamboo microstripe mixed cotton yoga leggings. The leggings made from bamboo fabric are more breathable and ultra-soft bamboo fibres. The streamlined yoga pockets are perfectly capable of storing your passes.

Our bamboo clothing in Australia online gives comfort with the feeling of leisure. The yoga pants made of bamboo microstripes are sport sewn into durability. The beauty of our unique clothing line lies in its eco-friendly nature. They are made with the involvement of 67% bamboo in the fabric utilised by us in the making.

Our much-awaited Holster Tee is back. The subtle designs make it look way cooler. The long sleeves of this particular Tee make it much better than others. It is one of the unique pieces from Bamboo Clothing in Australia available online. The across the shoulder seams are styled according to Holster. The motto padding style is laced on the seams down the arms.

Our product, Holster Long sleeve, is completely made of organically obtained cotton and bamboo microstripes. At Tantrika, offering Bamboo Clothing in Australia online, we believe using sustainable fabric helps save the deteriorating environment.  

Our summer dress finds inspiration from Japanese culture. This is made of cotton (organic) and bamboo microstripes. The beautiful summer dress will give you a back cut with a lotus-like appearance, laced with Mandarin collars, etc. 

All these clothes come in a standard fit. You can choose the best-suited size for you. You can also choose to be a little experimental if that's what you want! With our clothing line, saving nature is what you choose. Get in touch to know more.

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