Feather Earrings Australia

Feather Earrings Australia

Feather earrings have been a trendsetter. Similar trends in their own unique manner are followed by feather earrings in Australia at Tantrika. You can get your pair of uniquely styled and coloured feather earrings. The best part about our batch of feather earrings is their nature of being handcrafted. These earrings are largely of feather, but an exception is the Feather Tribe Valkyrie earrings at Tantrika. They are shaped into a feather-like design but aren't exactly made of feathers. These earrings are made from brass of high quality. Both the hooks and embellishments are brass made. The carving material used to hand carve these earrings are,

  • Abalone Shell
  • Buffalo Bone
  • Golden Pearl

There are about 21 sets of handcrafted feather earrings. These earrings are the best among feather earrings in Australia. These recycled leather and ethically sourced feather earrings are handcrafted into beautiful and colourful styles. The hooks are made out of real silver. It makes it suitable for people sensitive to metal. Your sensitive ears are safe with our sustainable feather earrings in Australia. These earrings will just blend right into the occasion. A pair of these eco-friendly feather earrings will also help contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem.

The various available feather earrings include;

  • Dakota feather
  • Sharni feather
  • Evie Feather
  • Rubie Feather
  • Naomi Feather
  • Leah Feather
  • Saphira Feather
  • Revital Feather
  • Rikki Feather
  • Layla Feather
  • Feather Tribe Archangel earrings

Many such other feather earrings in Australia with vibrant and amazing designs are available on Tantrika. Add your wardrobe with these beautiful and mesmerising art pieces handmade to be sustainable. These will add just the vibrancy to your accessories. Get a pair of these amazing earrings today.

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