Plazmalab Psychedelic Art Shirts

Plazmalab Psychedelic Art Shirts

Want Plazmalab Psychedelic Art Shirts? Let Tantrika help you to buy the perfect fit for you!

Tantrika features the brand Plazmalab which is specifically designed for the active tropical lifestyle. We have a unique range of psychedelic art prints, which can be made into t-shirts and printed on a range of clothing items – A perfect fit for all ages, including children and toddlers. We are based out of the rainforest village of Kuranda in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Discover the latest psychedelic fashion trends in our collection of high-quality, eye-catching shirts featuring prints inspired by the 60s and 70s counterculture. Whether it’s a psychedelic storm trooper tee or a retro t-shirt covered in splashes of psychedelic colour, we have something for everyone. Our breakthroughs in styles, graphics, and colour schemes make us icons of counterculture fashion.

Experience the mystique and wonder of the rainforest with our Plazmalab Psychedelic Art Shirts. Tantrika is a social enterprise where every sale contributes to protecting our planet and communities from deforestation. Our clothing is sourced from around the world, at a variety of locations in Australia and beyond. We have a unique focus on natural fibres such as hemp, organic cotton and bamboo. Our tropical rainforest location also influences the kinds of clothing we stock; we love providing pieces that fit into an ethically-minded tropical lifestyle.

We are passionate about promoting the best of our region and helping to preserve this beautiful place we live in. Tantrika's unique clothing and art reflect not only the natural beauty but also the vibrant spirit of its people. We have the latest styles of Plazmalab psychedelic art shirts and dresses, so you can take your fashion up a notch or five. Tantrika provides you with the shirt as per your choice, so have a glance today!


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