Women's Bamboo Underwear Australia

Women's Bamboo Underwear Australia

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Tantrika is committed to providing beautiful, quality clothing that is eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable. Our clothing is made with fabrics that have the least impact on our planet. Our clothing is made from natural, renewable fabrics like hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can be harvested every 3 years without harming the plant. When we harvest bamboo, we leave it intact and only take what we need. This also enables the plant to grow back even stronger!

Our range of Women's Bamboo Underwear in Australia is a perfect mix of comfort and ease. Made from one hundred per cent bamboo, our versatile range of bamboo underwear is the perfect addition to your day-to-day life. Bamboo is a natural fibre that offers superior performance for both everyday and sportswear. In addition, it's an extremely versatile fabric suitable for all kinds of activities. You can wear it to the gym, yoga class, or running errands.

Nomads Hemp Wear is a sustainable clothing company that uses bamboo fire in all its clothing. By blending it in all of their garments, including their luxe range of underwear, they ensure that their clothes remain moisture-wicking, breathable, and temperature regulating. Help them take over the fashion industry one bamboo garment at a time. It's not a surprise that many sustainable fashion brands use bamboo, but among them, Nomads Hemp Wear is very transparent when it comes to Bamboo use. The fabrics are naturally anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating.

Don't let a case of the blues spoil your day. Colour yourself happy with our stylish collection of bamboo garments – designed with you and your busy life in mind. Come to Tantrika if you wish to have Women's Bamboo Underwear in Australia!

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