Hemp Happens

It sure does! In fact, hemp has been happening for over ten-thousand years. Used to make the world’s first sheet of paper and the first fibre to be spun into fabric, hemp is literally woven into human history.

Derived from a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant, hemp is the strongest known natural fibre in the world. Over the years, techniques have been developed to soften the historically rough fibre into beautifully soft fabric used in many emerging sustainable fashion brands. In fact, it so comfortable Nomads Hemp Wear use it as a key ingredient in their luxe range of under wear.

hemp fabric

Dubbed as nature’s “wonder fabric”, it is light-weight and breathable yet ultra-durable, making it ideal long lasting, quality clothing. What’s more, the plants are farmed pesticide free and leave the soil enriched with essential minerals unlike many crops that have a negative impact on the environment.