A Passion For Sustainable Fashion

We are living in environmentally conscious times. Caring for the environment involves making careful choices about how we choose to behave and what we choose to consume. This is why all over the world we are seeing an increasing passion for sustainable fashion as an ethical response to activities that impact the environment.

At Tantrika, our philosophy is to provide beautiful, quality clothing that is made with fabrics and practices that have the least impact on our planet. This is why we are proud to stock clothing made from ethically produced and made of quality natural fibres such as hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, linen and even recycled rubber.

A Passion for Sustainable Fashion

Our brands Nomads Hemp WearPlazmalabIzwozMahaShe,  and Batucada are all devoted to creating ethically produced fashion from eco-friendly natural fibres. By choosing to buy from brands that take responsibility for their production methods, we can all feel we are contributing to the sustainable fashion movement.