Panic For Organic Cotton

There is a huge difference between cotton and organic cotton. Cotton is the world’s strongest natural fibre, which is why it is the most sought-after fabric for long-lasting, quality clothing Given its popularity and high use, we all need to panic for organic cotton.

Many sustainable fashion brands are now mixing organic cotton with other natural fibres such as hemp and bamboo in order to minimise the impact on the environment yet still produce beautiful quality clothing.

panic for organic cotton

In an age where the word “organic” is everywhere, it is easy to forget how much this actually matters. Conventional cotton is farmed using heavy pesticides and enormous amounts of our precious water resources. In addition, powerful chemicals are used when converting it into fabric and it is most often not ethically produced.

Organic cotton is one hundred percent pesticide free and no chemical are used in its conversion process. The organic cotton used in the clothing by brands stocked at Tantrika such as Nomads Hemp WearMahaShe, Cotton Diva, Izwoz and Plazmalab are devoted to fair trade sustainable fashion, using organic cotton that is sustainably and ethically produced. This ensures we are caring for our planet, and those who farm it.

Panic For Organic Cotton